Musicians for freedom

Do you love freedom?

Do you love freedom?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to the brand new website for Free The Nation Music!

What started out as a single page on my website ( now has its own home.

Everyone is welcome.

We are especially focussed on promoting musicians who support freedom and you can find a (growing) list of brave musicians from Australia and around the world who are standing up for all our freedoms HERE.

Why ‘brave’? Because sometimes those of us who don’t roll over and go along with the government and Big Pharma wishes for us to be part of a global medical trial cop some flack—simply for expressing our God given right to body sovereignty; to choosing what we put in our bodies.

Above all we are musicians who are against bullying, coercion and segregation.

Please join us if you feel the same.

To join the list of musicians supporting freedom email Be sure to include a Spotify link and/or Bandcamp/Website so we can promote you to the growing list of freedom loving music fans following Free The Nation.

Peace and love!