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What started as a simple blog post is quickly growing into a global movement bringing together freedom loving musicians and music fans everywhere.

This growth has required a bit of financial investment as well as considerable time. To continue building this movement and the fantastic momentum we already have we have a Go Fund Me campaign to help cover establishment costs.

Creating this clear and strong voice for freedom in the music world has involved building this website, updating it daily and promoting the message of ‘no segregation’ across all our social media including Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, MeWe and Twitter.

We are also planning to produce a professional promotional video to promote no segregation at live gigs and no more bullying from government and music establishment.

Free The Nation Music is growing a global alternative music movement which you can help build today by contributing a little something (even $10 helps!) at GoFundMe.

All support is appreciated and can, in a very real way, contribute to more freedom in all our lives.

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PS. We have just launched our new club, the Freedom Music Club which is a monthly newsletter and NEW music downloads subscription from freedom keeping musicians for freedom loving music fans. Join HERE.

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