Musicians for freedom

How can you support freedom?

How can you support freedom?

That was a question I asked myself at the beginning of the lockdowns and attacks on our basic human rights, way back in early 2020.

My answer was to speak up about the freedoms I saw being stripped away, using my personal music social media platforms, and building new ones to share facts and open dialogues about alternative professional, medical and expert views. (NB. One of the platforms I started, Friends of Truth has since been de-platformed on Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, Parler and Vimeo—but is still going live on Telegram!)


Then, on Tuesday 7th September I started Free The Nation Music, a new campaign to bring together musicians and music fans who are supporting freedom and against medical segregation.

After seeing many of my favourite musicians come out in support of the music industry backed #VaxTheNation campaign I was distraught to see them saying being injected with experimental jabs is the only way back to freedom. Such a message is against everything valuable in life: choice, love, acceptance and freedom.

It is also a lie, since all that needs to happen for live music to be enjoyed freely again is for the government to lift lockdowns and end all music venue business restrictions. The government, not healthy people exercising their inalienable rights, has stopped live music. Giving in to the government’s threats only prolongs the tyranny.

Free The Nation Music, on the other hand, is about spreading a message of inclusion and love.

Musicians and music fans who believe in freedom of choice will benefit from supporting this Free The Nation Music movement.

Anyone who wants to continue enjoying live music without being forced to take experimental injections will benefit from supporting this movement.


To help establish this new community we have set up a Go Fund Me page which is already doing very well on the way to our goal.

Funds from the Go Fund Me campaign will be used to:

1) Launch and promote a dedicated Free The Nation Music website to bring together and promote musicians who support freedom and are against segregation based on medical history. (I have gone ahead and personally paid for this website, before the campaign has finished)

2) Print and distribute posters promoting segregation-free (open to all, regardless of medical history) live gigs/festivals. (Poster is designed and ready to go)

3) Produce a top class video to share the message far and wide, bringing together musicians and music lovers and create an alternative community of individuals who support freedom. (Have produced a ‘rough and ready’ promo already HERE)

4) Promote freedom loving musicians to assist in growing their incomes and careers, as they are already being discriminated against by the music establishment. (We are already promoting FTNM musicians on our social media pages and would like to pay for boosted posts and, if funds allow, employ a music marketing professional on a casual/freelance basis)

5) Promote live music events and festivals which are open to all regardless of vaccinations taken or not; segregation-free, everyone is welcome gigs. (This is also a way we may be able to make FTNM financially sustainable in the long term)

Your support will enable me to enroll and pay others to continue building a new music world, free from mainstream and major label domination.

This is a game changer.

Future generations will, once again, enjoy music—and life in general—with basic human rights if we can loudly celebrate our freedoms and not give them up in the face of tyrannical authority and intimidation.

Thanks everyone who has donated so far.

If you haven’t yet you can chip in whatever you can afford to today HERE.

Every bit helps.

Yours in love, peace and freedom of choice always,

Ben Mitchell

Free The Nation Music are musicians who support freedom
Thanks for supporting our Go Fund Me campaign!