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What happens when freedom loving souls meet?

Carly and Julia chat to Free The Nation Music founder, Ben Mitchell

What happens when freedom loving souls meet?

SoulTwins of YouTube, Carly and Julia are, like me, freedom loving souls.

To find out what happens when freedom loving souls meet just check out the video chat we had on their channel recently. We discuss independence in a time of greed and compliance, what it means to follow your truth and intuition and at the end I even do a bit of ‘Free The Nation’, the song I wrote to promote Free The Nation Music.

It was an absolute pleasure chatting with Carly and Julia and I’m sure you’ll agree they are exactly the kind of courageous and outspoken souls we need to bring us all together, right now, in our commitment to freedom and living a truly soulful life.

Thanks Carly and Julia for a wonderful time. See you again real soon.


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