Musicians for freedom

Music and love for all

Music and love for all.

That is what Free The Nation Music is all about.

No judgement. No discrimination. No segregation.

All love.

One of the fantastic musicians who has added his name to the list of musicians supporting freedom on our website is Roaman.

Roaman’s music is overflowing with love for all; his vibration is uplifting and his words inspiring.

An excellent example of his gift for using words to empower is the comment Roaman wrote for a recent Instagram post.

Roaman is one of the 170+ musicians who has added his name to the list of musicians supporting freedom at Free The Nation Music. Click image for playlist.

‘v’d, not v’d or “vi-curious”

What matters is that your choice is rooted in love and reason rather than fear and passive compliance

What matters is that you don’t try to impose your views and beliefs on others, even if you think, or know, that you are right

What matters is that you treat others with kindness and respect

What matters is that you remember that we’re all doing our best, and that we all want to be happy, safe and free

It may be easy to forget when there’s so much fear and confusion but we all belong to the same Human Family and we are, now and forever, truly in this together

Let’s start acting like it!

Keep rising my friends

I love you x’

Me too.

PS. Listen to Roaman and more musicians with courage and integrity on this playlist HERE.

Champions of Free The Nation Music Exposing the music establishment

What happens when freedom loving souls meet?

Carly and Julia chat to Free The Nation Music founder, Ben Mitchell

What happens when freedom loving souls meet?

SoulTwins of YouTube, Carly and Julia are, like me, freedom loving souls.

To find out what happens when freedom loving souls meet just check out the video chat we had on their channel recently. We discuss independence in a time of greed and compliance, what it means to follow your truth and intuition and at the end I even do a bit of ‘Free The Nation’, the song I wrote to promote Free The Nation Music.

It was an absolute pleasure chatting with Carly and Julia and I’m sure you’ll agree they are exactly the kind of courageous and outspoken souls we need to bring us all together, right now, in our commitment to freedom and living a truly soulful life.

Thanks Carly and Julia for a wonderful time. See you again real soon.


PS. Make sure to like, comment and follow their YouTube channel for more uplifting and informative videos from SoulTwins, Carly and Julia.