Freedom Music

Free The Nation Music unites freedom loving musicians with freedom loving music fans. Music is about freedom. Music is about love and acceptance. Music is about choice.

We are all free to choose the music we love, to choose music which resonates with our lives, our dreams and our aspirations.

Music is powerful too.

We are musicians who stand for freedom and oppose all forms of segregation and discrimination, including medical discrimination.

We welcome all. Please join us.

Freedom Musicians

To add your name to the list of musicians supporting freedom and opposing discrimination or segregation based on medical history, please click ‘JOIN NOW’ below or email with your Website, Spotify or other music URLs.

Note: Businesses from the Music Industry are also welcome.

Freedom Music Fans

Join the Freedom Music Club.

Join this growing community today and be part of creating a more—not less—FREE future which includes live music for all, free from medical discrimination and segregation.

Thanks for being part of the Freedom Music Movement!

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