Are you a musician ready to make a stand for freedom? If you would like to add your name (or your bands name) to the ‘Free The Nation Music’ list,  and be listed on this website, simply email and include the following information:

  • Your URL address to Spotify
  • Preferred Website address
  • Preferred Youtube link (for possible landing page feature)
  • Your country of origin
  • Your music genre/s.

Music Fans

For many of us music is about freedom, love and acceptance and so it has been somewhat deflating to witness musical heroes performing shows which discriminate at against some of us. Suddenly a lot the old music we once loved doesn’t quite sound the same, right?

If you would like to discover new music and new musicians who stand for choice and freedom and are against discrimination and segregated shows then simply join the Freedom Music Club. Once a month we send out a ‘virtual album’ of songs by musicians with integrity, across genres. It’s a fantastic way to discover new music and support this movement of ‘freedom’ music. 

Help grow freedom music

Free The Nation Music is a grassroots, independent and self-funded campaign. Some website and marketing services (web design/logo design/filming etc..) have been generously donated, however there are many ongoing costs such as website hosting, updates and event promo material. To help recoup some of these costs we have:
    1. Set up the Freedom Music Club as outlined above.
    2. Set up a Go Fund Me page where people can make a one-off contribution.
Neither of our fund-raising channels are required for musicians to be included on this website, nor for freedom loving music fans to connect with those musicians.
We would like to keep this website updated and to continue building a viable alternative music scene but can only do so if all costs are covered. Thank you for being part of Free The Nation Music in whatever way you can.
We appreciate everyone.