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Like you, we love music.

Also like you, we LOVE freedom.

So when some of our favourite musicians in the world started doing segregated shows—not admitting anyone who hadn’t had a certain injection—we felt it was time to band together against discrimination.

And to be honest, the music from musicians who discriminate doesn’t really sound the same to us anymore anyway. Shame.

Fortunately for all of us we’ve found amazing NEW music from musicians who stand for freedom and oppose segregation.

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  • FREE artwork — posters, album covers and more (digital downloads)

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Yes, I am the founder of ‘Free The Nation Music (and this club!), but I am first and foremost a music lover, and discovering new music from artists with integrity is the absolute best thing about this club and movement

I love listening to and supporting artists I resonate with – Musicians who are making a stand for all our freedoms.

Being a member of Freedom Music Club is worth so much more to me than  the $20 a month it costs.

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